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Question for Writers & Bloggers: Do You Prefer Mac or Windows Tutorials?

online tutorial Jul 12, 2020

Do You Prefer Mac or Windows Tutorials in your Software Online Courses?

As a writer or a blogger, do you prefer Mac or Windows video tutorials?

My personal preference a Mac every time. I have been in a products user for over a decade now and I don’t usually consider anything else. However for my day job as an IT consultant all the products we use there are Windows-based. And all the hardware devices are Windows-based and usually Microsoft products.

So when it comes to my personal work, I’m always an Apple user, and the software is always Mac compatible.

When I started TechTools4Authors and my first course, Learn Aeon Timeline, I created all the video tutorials with the Mac version of the software.

What is your preference - Mac or Windows video tutorials?

So my question to all the writers and bloggers out there reading this today, is what is your preference - Mac or Windows video tutorials?

Most software today is available on both platforms. Granted not all of it is, but...

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How to Use Aeon Timeline to Quickly Plot Your Next Book

aeon timeline plotting Jun 14, 2020

Last year I wrote about how you can use Scapple to quickly plot your next book and a lot of you liked the idea.


My Favourite Plotting Tool

Now for those who are looking for something more feature rich, including an option to sync your plot directly into Scrivener or Ulysses, I suggest you check out Aeon Timeline.
This is my favourite plotting and planning tool and the one I use to plot not only my fiction, but also my blogging content schedules.

Aeon Timeline was developed by a writer who couldn’t find a user friendly plotting tool for writers. So from a discussion with other writers Aeon Timeline was created.

In my video above, I give you a quick demonstration on what the software allows you to achieve much faster than hand writing onto Post-it notes. 

Overview of Features:

  • Brainstorm your Chapters/Scenes directly into the timeline
  • Easily create Relationships between scenes, characters, story arcs, locations and any other way you'd like to tag your story...
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3 Ways to become Confident with Technology as a 50+ year old newbie Writer

tech savvy Jun 01, 2020

Whether you like to admit it or not, growing up without technology in your teenage years and early twenties can have an effect on how you are prepared to learn it now. You know, those years where you’re learning your trade and your starting your first career. Those are the years that tend to cement in your processes with how you like to work and what tools you like to work with.

Technology is so ingrained in almost all our daily dealings that it’s either get-on-board or lose touch completely.

Even if you are familiar and comfortable with everyday tech (such as email, the internet and some social media), odds are if you are taking on a new career as a writer there will be a lot of software you are not familiar with.

These are crazy times as we are surrounded by a pandemic and our new ‘normal’ is still unknown. However, with the loss of so many jobs and with the various phases of lockdown and social distancing, using your skill to write is becoming a very...

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Check out the Tech Savvy Creatives podcast

podcast Mar 30, 2020

Hey and Welcome to my little spot on the web.  The Tech Savvy Creatives Podcast will help you become more Tech Savvy on your journey as a creative.  With a special focus for the Writers, Authors and Bloggers amongst you.

All About Tech Savvy Creatives Podcast

Starting out on your journey with all the tech can be really daunting and cause a lot of frustration and procrastination, especially if you are not a millennial. Which I am not!

Each show I'll explain various tech terms you may not understand, like what really is The Cloud everyone talks about? Plus discuss popular apps, review them and explain how they could be incorporated into your existing workflow.

Find more Podcasts here

Because I also like to make video's and I'll also show you how to use these apps with video demonstrations, quick tips and demonstrate how you could use apps with other apps you already have.

Why re-invent the wheel for the next 'shiny' thing that will make you...

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How I'm Remote Working


My new co-workers and I are getting into a 'work from home' routine with some days better than others.

How are you coping?

What does your home office look like?

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A Practical Guide: How I Share a Blog Post 10 different ways

blogging how to Mar 10, 2020

As a Content Creator I’m sure you are across how to repurpose your posts to share multiple different ways, aren’t you?

Re-Purpose for More Eyes on Your Work

It takes a lot of time and effort to write a good solid post and then to only post it once on your website, or social media platform of choice is such a waste.  It won’t be read by as many eyes, plus it might not find the write audience.  So, as so many others have advised, repurposing a single blog post to be used multiple different ways is a creative and efficient use of your content.  Plus it’s great for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and you’ll be found by more sources which Google loves.

As an avid listener of Amy Porterfield’s podcast I loved her podcast explaining how to re-purpose a single blog post 10 different ways.  You can find Amy’s Podcast #282: 10 Ways to Repurpose ONE Single Piece of Content here on google podcasts.  You don’t...

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Have you heard of Medium?

#medium Jan 07, 2020

What is Medium?

Medium is a platform all about the words and not about the ads, click-bait and useless pop-ups that interrupt your reading.

It's also another way for writers and bloggers to reach a new audience.

Now, Medium is a paid membership site which I'm happy to spend US $5 per month for ad free news, tips and articles that interest me.  You can find almost all your reading topics covered here.

You can also share you articles with non-Medium members if you choose.


Can I Make Money On Medium?

Yes you can!

As a writer and blogger wanting another income stream you really want the Medium members to read and clap for your articles as that is how you get paid for your work.  So converting your fans and gaining more on the site is the key way to earn some extra funds from your writing.

If you'd like to delve deeper into these options, I suggest checking out Medium's help guides and also Shaunta Grimes.  She is a guru with all things Medium and a favourite...

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Celebrate Small Business

I’m proud to celebrate #SmallBusinessSaturday this weekend by shopping small to support other local business owners. Reminder to show your support to the small businesses in your community and #shopsmall!


Learn More

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How to Use Evernote for Bloggers


As a Blogger just starting out it can be confusing how to mange your creation workflow.  This post is one example where Evernote can be your workflow solution.

As a blogger you can brainstorm, research, and write your posts all in one application and then copy/paste into your online blog of choice and take snippets for your favourite social media platforms.

Evernote has the option for free and paid plans and if you’ve never used it before I recommend starting with the basic free plan and testing it out.  What have you got to lose?


It is wise to keep a copy of your Creative Content offline

I like to ensure all my creative content is stored where I can get to it anytime, all the time.  If you’ve been around the techie traps for as long as I have you are aware social platforms and online apps come and go, change their rules or you just can’t pay for the privilege of using it any longer — and there goes all your content.  While Evernote...

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Feeling like Technology is Passing You By?


Is this you?  Do you rely on your GrandKids for Tech help?

This is my mum and my son. He's been learning to code and fast becoming another 'Tech-Savvy' member of our family.

Don't despair if you feel like this, we all had to learn to walk, talk and read and learning a new skill when you didn't grow up with it can be hard.

Check out some of the tips and tricks (loads are FREE) at TechTools4Authors and you'll get your Tech-Savvy confidence in no time.

Take it a step, or a video, at a time and you'll get there - and NOT have to rely on your grandchild for help!

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