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Expert Tip: How to Change Evernote Notes to Light Mode


Have you recently updated to Mojave on your Mac?

Did you choose the Dark mode when you last updated Evernote to your desktop? 

Did you know you can choose to view the notes section in Light mode with the rest of Evernote set in Dark Mode? 

Yes, you can!

  • Go to Evernote > Preferences
  • Choose General
  • Select the tick box for “Use Light Mode for notes”

To change your settings back, simply unselect the “Use Light Mode for notes” checkbox and it’s all Dark Mode.


What is your preference?  Dark Mode or Light Mode?

If you are new to Evernote or would like to discover more, compare your options here.

For me, it depends on the app.  I don’t like the dark background when I have a lot of text to write/read.  I’m trying different options, and curious about what you use?

Drop me a comment on your preferences – let’s see if the majority like Dark mode or a Light mode.

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How to Use Scapple to Quickly Plot Your Next Book


There are many brainstorming, plotting, bubble-like, Gantt charts, project management tools out there, but you don’t really need all the bells ’n whistles when you just want to get your next book idea out of your head and onto the page.

Scapple was developed by the same brains that created the holy grail of writing tools - Scrivener, by Literature and Latte.  There was a need for a simple and cost-effective brainstorming/plotting tool and Scapple is the result.

Brainstorm Demo

The video shows a very quick and simple way to start plotting your next novel, no matter if it’s Fiction or Non-Fiction.  It can be any genre or topic.  Simply add your ideas and then organise them later.

Video Summary

  • Scapple was created by the creators of Scrivener.
  • Anytime you have an idea, a thought or a way to mess with your characters, you can quickly and easily add it to a Scapple board.
  • Using a Scapple board and brainstorming is exactly the same type of process you...
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Expert Tip: How to Hide the Date in your Timeline Display [Aeon Timeline]

aeon timeline expert tip Aug 08, 2019

If you like a minimal view of your timeline in Aeon Timeline simply remove the dates from the Event view.

Your dates are still on the Event, you just don’t see them in the main Timeline or Relationship view unless you expand the event to see all details.

To Hide the Dates:

1. From your opened Timeline

2. Select Display

3. Untick “Show Event Dates”

4. Save, and you are good to go

Happy Timelining and Happy Writing!

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Writers – Learn what “The Cloud” IS and How to use IT

cloud storage the cloud Jul 30, 2019

What is The Cloud 

This one confuses a lot of people, including myself until I put in some research and found out it’s not that mysterious. “The Cloud” is simply another location for saving (storing) your files. It is linked to your computer via an account you create and is secure. Stating all our files are in The Cloud or you Save to The Cloud, is really just a slang term for saving to another location via the internet.

Let’s take it back a step. When you create a novel or a letter and you save that file onto your computer. Whether it’s a Desktop, Laptop or another device it doesn’t matter. You now have an electronic file.

Now, back in the day, computers had a habit of crashing and you’d lose all your work if you didn’t save regularly. To solve this issue, servers were created in various locations and you could save your files to them via the magic of the internet.

Where is The Cloud?

So your file is saved onto your computer and...

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Grammarly – a practical option for 1st draft self-edits

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2019

The newest addition to my Writers Toolkit

Grammarly Premium

I recently started using the FREE version of Grammarly on a daily basis.  About a month ago, I added the Google Chrome extension (which is free) and all of my online content was utilising the spelling and grammar checker as I worked.  I didn’t realise how many errors I was missing in almost all of my daily communications and notes until it was there in front of me.

I use Word for my day job and love the Microsoft Office options in Grammarly. As a financial software consultant, I’m constantly writing documents and always run Grammarly over them now to ensure my grammar and my spelling is the best it can be.

Enjoying the FREE features I started to research what the Premium version could do for me.  Apparently loads more corrections, but the outlay seemed a bit pricey at US$29.99 per month.  So I put it out of my mind and continued with the free version.

Apart from...

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Expert Tips for a Quick, Simple and Easy Blogging Calendar


The day I first came across Aeon timeline I was wrapped.  I’d been searching for a way to record all my character info, to view how the characters related to locations and how both of these items related to the timeline in my story.

Three years on and I am still using Aeon Timeline on a daily basis.  I use it for both my fiction writing and also for planning.  Yep! That’s correct, you can also use Aeon Timeline for planning events, book launches and your Blog’s Editorial Calendar – loads of writer and blogger options.

Fast Brainstorming

Aeon Timeline is brilliant for brainstorming fast.  The process is to create an ‘event’ for each blog idea you have and just list them down.

Then go through them and categorise them to suit your blog.  I use these categories:

  • Expert Tips
  • Community
  • Promotion
  • Demo
  • Webinar
  • Case Study
  • Brand Awareness

You can create your own to suit your blog and then simply sort your blog ideas. ...

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How Much Tech Does an Author Need?

If you are interested in becoming a writer or are doing just that, chances are you sometimes wonder about the software options for improving your writing efficiency. How do you organise your writers’ life and do you ponder the question:

Do Authors Need Tech?

Been There, Done That

I know, I’m a wannabe author who has been plugging along writing a Paranormal Romance for more years than I care to admit. I’m also a bit of a techie geek with a love for apps and hardware that will make my life easier. I remember fondly my very first Palm Pilot. How awesome it was to get my email and send messages while out and about, plus it had a calendar and address book.  Brilliant! Especially as I was travelling at the time and didn’t want loads of books/paper to carry with me.

Do Authors Need Tech?

Writing has always been my passion, and this year is my year to shake things up and get published. So I’ve been looking at various ways to improve my...

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3 Ways Aeon Timeline & “Relationship View” Improves my Writing

aeon timeline Jul 04, 2019

Aeon Timeline is my 1st and only choice to brainstorm and outline both my fiction and non-fiction writing.  I use it for my blogging calendar as well as project planning for course launches and for my fiction series.

A tip I’d like to share today is the Relationship View feature.

Your timeline view is great for getting your ideas out of your head and into the software, but once you have that a quick self-edit is very useful before you start writing, either syncing with Scrivener or Ulysses, or whatever your writing method of choice is.


3 Reasons to utilise Relationship View

1. Use “Group By” to filter

Filter your scenes by ARC, using the Group By icon and you can quickly see any anomalies.

Coffee Shot is NOT an ARC it should be a location

Plus, I’m a bit light on the Romance for a Romance novel


2. Who are your scene “Participants & Observers”

Keeping track of your characters can be tricky, especially if you are...

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How to use Trello for your To Do List

how to to do list trello May 31, 2019

Trello Boards have replaced my To-Do lists Forever

Recently I’ve been trying Trello and have really surprised myself by how much I like it and how productive I am becoming. Here is why I choose Trello for my To-Do lists.

I’ve come from a background in corporate and working within various types of project methodologies which usually centre around Microsoft Project.  So using complex, team-focused project software is what I am used to.  Now that I’m working to grow I’ve been struggling with something that works for a 1 person team. Plus it needs to fit my startup budget of FREE.

Using Reminders on my Mac was OK, but it’s not easy to view all the tasks in my life let alone just for the business. The same for Tasks in Outlook, it’s just a list and I really need something I can categorise, and easily view the status.

A couple of weeks ago, read a chat in one of the writing forum’s I follow, which mentioned ...

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Why I Love Aeon Timeline

Plotter or Pantzer?

I am loving Aeon Timeline, just loving it.  I can outline quickly and easily and then sync with Scrivener and Boom! I’m writing my next novel.


How about you? Are you a PLOTTER or a PANTZER?  My routine use to be to handwrite an outline and draw lines for how the characters would meet and mingle.  There would be loads of post-its and Fluro highlighter.  I’d feel super proud of my creation and then I’d start writing the 1st paragraph and immediately I’d think of a change, a major change.  Like that scene where they first kiss (I’m a romance writer), should be swapped with that other scene, that actually I think I’ll cut altogether. 

Plus I don’t think the hero should be called Hunter, he should now be called Brock.  Hmmm, there goes all my timeline planning and notes.  It’s really not that easy to make changes to a hard copy, is it?

Do you ever come across...

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