Using Aeon Timeline for a Quick and Simple Blogging Content Calendar


The day I first came across Aeon timeline I was wrapped.

I’d been searching for a way to record all my character info.  I especially wanted a way to view how the characters related to locations and then how both characters and locations related to the timeline in my story. Three (3) years on and I'm still using Aeon Timeline on a daily basis.

I use it for both my fiction writing and also for planning.  Yep! That’s correct, you can also use Aeon Timeline for planning events, blogs, projects, book launches - loads of other writer and blogger stuff.

Fast Brainstorming

Aeon Timeline is brilliant for brainstorming fast.  The process is to create an 'event' for each blog idea you have and just list them down.

Then you go through them and categorise them to suit your blog and your thought process.  I use these categories:

  • Expert Tips
  • Community
  • Promotion
  • Demo
  • Webinar
  • Case Study
  • Brand Awareness

You can create your own within Aeon Timeline to suit your own blog and then simply sort your post ideas.  The fastest way is to drag and drop individual events, or a group of them.  Alternatively, you can use the "Event Inspector" and its various tabs.

Adding a few more posts while travelling is also a productive way to spend 15 minutes.  When I can grab only a few minutes here or there, I try and have a brainstorm to think of ideas for upcoming posts.

Ideally, I like to have a few months of ideas planned out.  Then I can work through the ideas in the order I've outlined them and I don't have to re-plan each time.  I know exactly which posts to work on each week and I try to create posts a few weeks ahead of them being published.  What a time saver that is!

Edit Your Plan

After brainstorming blog ideas and categorising them, I space them out and slot them into which day of the week they'll be published.

Once I have my posts I then use the Relationship View to give me a visual on how I've ordered and spaced out my posts.

You want to aim for a sprinkling of different types of information and post types (video, text, offer, value-add etc) and the Relationship View helps me with this.  If I see I have too many of the same software, or too many of the same category published next to each other I can simply drag and drop to move them around.

Aeon Timeline really is a Quick and Simple Blogging Calendar


How do you plan your Blogging Calendar?

Is it as quick and simple as mine? I'd love to know what you use to plot and plan your blog?

Drop me a comment below and share your favourites. 

If You Need Aeon Timeline In Your Life

If you don’t already have Aeon Timeline you can pop over to their website and grab a version for Mac, PC and iOS.  I’m not affiliated in any way, I just love the product.  You can also grab a free trial to take it for a spin before you buy.

Once you have Aeon Timeline and you are interested to really get inside it and learn how to use it quickly, easily and productively, then you may be interested in my online course - Learn Aeon Timeline.


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