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Have you heard of Medium?

#medium Jan 07, 2020

What is Medium?

Medium is a platform all about the words and not about the ads, click-bait and useless pop-ups that interrupt your reading.

It's also another way for writers and bloggers to reach a new audience.

Now, Medium is a paid membership site which I'm happy to spend US $5 per month for ad free news, tips and articles that interest me.  You can find almost all your reading topics covered here.

You can also share you articles with non-Medium members if you choose.


Can I Make Money On Medium?

Yes you can!

As a writer and blogger wanting another income stream you really want the Medium members to read and clap for your articles as that is how you get paid for your work.  So converting your fans and gaining more on the site is the key way to earn some extra funds from your writing.

If you'd like to delve deeper into these options, I suggest checking out Medium's help guides and also Shaunta Grimes.  She is a guru with all things Medium and a favourite...

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