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The day I first came across Aeon timeline I was wrapped.  I’d been searching for a way to record all my character info, to view how the characters related to locations and how both of these items related to the timeline in my story.

Three years on and I am still using Aeon Timeline on a daily basis.  I use it for both my fiction writing and also for planning.  Yep! That’s correct, you can also use Aeon Timeline for planning events, book launches and your Blog’s Editorial Calendar – loads of writer and blogger options.

Fast Brainstorming

Aeon Timeline is brilliant for brainstorming fast.  The process is to create an ‘event’ for each blog idea you have and just list them down.

Then go through them and categorise them to suit your blog.  I use these categories:

  • Expert Tips
  • Community
  • Promotion
  • Demo
  • Webinar
  • Case Study
  • Brand Awareness

You can create your own to suit your blog and then simply sort your blog ideas. ...

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