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How to Use Scapple to Quickly Plot Your Next Book


There are many brainstorming, plotting, bubble-like, Gantt charts, project management tools out there, but you don’t really need all the bells ’n whistles when you just want to get your next book idea out of your head and onto the page.

Scapple was developed by the same brains that created the holy grail of writing tools - Scrivener, by Literature and Latte.  There was a need for a simple and cost-effective brainstorming/plotting tool and Scapple is the result.

Brainstorm Demo

The video shows a very quick and simple way to start plotting your next novel, no matter if it’s Fiction or Non-Fiction.  It can be any genre or topic.  Simply add your ideas and then organise them later.

Video Summary

  • Scapple was created by the creators of Scrivener.
  • Anytime you have an idea, a thought or a way to mess with your characters, you can quickly and easily add it to a Scapple board.
  • Using a Scapple board and brainstorming is exactly the same type of process you...
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