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Writers – Learn what “The Cloud” IS and How to use IT

cloud storage the cloud Jul 30, 2019

What is The Cloud 

This one confuses a lot of people, including myself until I put in some research and found out it’s not that mysterious. “The Cloud” is simply another location for saving (storing) your files. It is linked to your computer via an account you create and is secure. Stating all our files are in The Cloud or you Save to The Cloud, is really just a slang term for saving to another location via the internet.

Let’s take it back a step. When you create a novel or a letter and you save that file onto your computer. Whether it’s a Desktop, Laptop or another device it doesn’t matter. You now have an electronic file.

Now, back in the day, computers had a habit of crashing and you’d lose all your work if you didn’t save regularly. To solve this issue, servers were created in various locations and you could save your files to them via the magic of the internet.

Where is The Cloud?

So your file is saved onto your computer and...

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