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A Practical Guide: How I Share a Blog Post 10 different ways

blogging how to Mar 10, 2020

As a Content Creator I’m sure you are across how to repurpose your posts to share multiple different ways, aren’t you?

Re-Purpose for More Eyes on Your Work

It takes a lot of time and effort to write a good solid post and then to only post it once on your website, or social media platform of choice is such a waste.  It won’t be read by as many eyes, plus it might not find the write audience.  So, as so many others have advised, repurposing a single blog post to be used multiple different ways is a creative and efficient use of your content.  Plus it’s great for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and you’ll be found by more sources which Google loves.

As an avid listener of Amy Porterfield’s podcast I loved her podcast explaining how to re-purpose a single blog post 10 different ways.  You can find Amy’s Podcast #282: 10 Ways to Repurpose ONE Single Piece of Content here on google podcasts.  You don’t...

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How to use Trello for your To Do List

how to to do list trello May 31, 2019

Trello Boards have replaced my To-Do lists Forever

Recently I’ve been trying Trello and have really surprised myself by how much I like it and how productive I am becoming. Here is why I choose Trello for my To-Do lists.

I’ve come from a background in corporate and working within various types of project methodologies which usually centre around Microsoft Project.  So using complex, team-focused project software is what I am used to.  Now that I’m working to grow I’ve been struggling with something that works for a 1 person team. Plus it needs to fit my startup budget of FREE.

Using Reminders on my Mac was OK, but it’s not easy to view all the tasks in my life let alone just for the business. The same for Tasks in Outlook, it’s just a list and I really need something I can categorise, and easily view the status.

A couple of weeks ago, read a chat in one of the writing forum’s I follow, which mentioned ...

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