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3 Ways to become Confident with Technology as a 50+ year old newbie Writer

tech savvy Jun 01, 2020

Whether you like to admit it or not, growing up without technology in your teenage years and early twenties can have an effect on how you are prepared to learn it now. You know, those years where you’re learning your trade and your starting your first career. Those are the years that tend to cement in your processes with how you like to work and what tools you like to work with.

Technology is so ingrained in almost all our daily dealings that it’s either get-on-board or lose touch completely.

Even if you are familiar and comfortable with everyday tech (such as email, the internet and some social media), odds are if you are taking on a new career as a writer there will be a lot of software you are not familiar with.

These are crazy times as we are surrounded by a pandemic and our new ‘normal’ is still unknown. However, with the loss of so many jobs and with the various phases of lockdown and social distancing, using your skill to write is becoming a very...

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