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Why I Love Aeon Timeline

Plotter or Pantzer?

I am loving Aeon Timeline, just loving it.  I can outline quickly and easily and then sync with Scrivener and Boom! I’m writing my next novel.


How about you? Are you a PLOTTER or a PANTZER?  My routine use to be to handwrite an outline and draw lines for how the characters would meet and mingle.  There would be loads of post-its and Fluro highlighter.  I’d feel super proud of my creation and then I’d start writing the 1st paragraph and immediately I’d think of a change, a major change.  Like that scene where they first kiss (I’m a romance writer), should be swapped with that other scene, that actually I think I’ll cut altogether. 

Plus I don’t think the hero should be called Hunter, he should now be called Brock.  Hmmm, there goes all my timeline planning and notes.  It’s really not that easy to make changes to a hard copy, is it?

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